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Artist: B.A.P
Track: "B.A.P`s song recommendations"
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B.A.P singing their song recommendations

  • Himchan- 40& Lim Jeong Hee (영화처럼 / Like a movie)
  • Youngjae- San E& Raina ( A midsummer night`s sweetness)
  • Jongup- Lee Moon Sae (가로수 그늘 아래 서면 / Written under the shades of tree)
  • Zelo- Song Dae Gwan (분위기 좋고 / Good Mood)
  • Daehyun- 40(듣는 편지)
  • Yongguk- Dooly`s OST


Is it a bad thing that I didn’t know yoo youngjae was fat when they debuted? I started being a baby one shot era, and I watched every show or majority of their shows at that point. He never did look fat in my eyes, why would people think he was fat? And or chubby, I just thought he was cute since debut. He is just getting more and more adorable till the point that it’s emotionally impossible for me to go on Instagram because his face right now is the first thing I see


Daehyun and Youngjae getting into a cat fight lol~     #otp

how to breathe??! (ノ≧ο≦)ノ ┫ ゜・∵。

Introducing Choo Sarang’s #1 fan, YOO SARANG.

Same, Youngjae. Same.


Young Jae @ 10 Asia.