I guess fluffy Yoo isn’t as fluffy anymore

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You are so attractive, ugh, your lips, fml.

Pose for the camera Junhong!~3

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Zelo: Do you like six-pack?
Fans: YES!
Zelo: No no, I'm only 17 years old!


pretty please

with a image


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Zelo is bright like neon, like a “Matsu Tree” in that he is hard to knock down, and like a blank piece of paper as he will become a person more amazing than anyone else. - Yongguk

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Daehyun’s camera is forever Youngjae focus ..

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the       e m b a r r a s s i n g   m o m

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when taekwoon finds about their photoshoot is with a gag woman instead of seohyun;

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